A Guide To Marvel.

The comics Marvel comics contain lots of characters and properties. In the late 1970s up to the early 1990s, Marvel Entertainment Group sold options to studios to produce films based on Marvel Comics characters. It wasn’t until relatively recently (late 1990s-early 2000s) that Marvel studios wanted the properties rights returned and started buying the characters back from… Continue reading A Guide To Marvel.

Iron man 3: Marketing and Advertising

Advertising: Like with the first two films, Audi again provided product placement with various vehicles. Oracle also returned from Iron Man 2, showcasing both the Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Exadata server. Verizon FiOS and TCL’s flat panel televisions and Alcatel One Touch smartphones are also featured in the film, and the Chinese cut also shows a Zoomlion crane and Yili milk. Promotional deals were arranged with Subway and the Schwan Food Company, and… Continue reading Iron man 3: Marketing and Advertising

Iron man 3 institutions.

Marvel Studios, is an American motion picture studio based at the Walt Disney Studios. The studio is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studios, itself a wholly owned division of The Walt Disney Company, with film producer Kevin Feige serving as President. The studio has been involved in three Marvel-character film franchises to have exceeded one billion dollars in North… Continue reading Iron man 3 institutions.